Doors, Cars, and Dogs, Oh My!

My favorite thing about Colonia were the doors. I have written a post about doors in Boston before, so if you have read that, you know I like doors, for some strange reason. I really can´t explain it. But maybe after reading this post you´ll see why. Some are colorful, some are ornate, some are … Continue reading Doors, Cars, and Dogs, Oh My!


A Day Away in Uruguay

Colonia, Uruguay could make anyone´s heart flutter. Whether it be from the bright magenta flowers that blanket the buildings, the narrow, cobblestone streets, the packs of friendly stray dogs, the colorful, crowded houses, the sailboats that dot the water, the old, rusty cars that line the streets, or the doorways that are so small they … Continue reading A Day Away in Uruguay

My Past Week

Who wants to hear an exciting story? Last week I was working on my laptop in a cafe here in Buenos Aires when two men entered (apparently one with a loaded gun) and stole my laptop and cell phone (among electronics belonging to other patrons of the cafe). It was hands down my scariest and most frustrating experience so … Continue reading My Past Week

Gardens and Museums

I haven't seen as much of Buenos Aires as I would like. So on Saturday I took the day to myself and set out to check some adventures off my list. I visited the MALBA and the Jardín Botánico. Here are some snaps from my day. I hope to post again soon but my laptop … Continue reading Gardens and Museums

Feria MASTICAR 2015

“Shop till you pop” was my motto on Sunday. I spent about half of my day wandering and stuffing my face in the Feria MASTICAR. Masticar literally means, “to chew” and I certainly chewed my way through the fair. This was the fair’s second year in Buenos Aires and last year there were over 110,000 … Continue reading Feria MASTICAR 2015

Iguazu: Big Waters

I am writing this post while sitting in my favorite place in Buenos Aires. It is called Libros del Pasaje and I have plans to move in permanently. Affordable yet delicious food, amazing atmosphere, perfect music (jazz at the moment), perfectly mismatched decor, and a green house dining room where the sun streams down on you as … Continue reading Iguazu: Big Waters

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

This is going to be a super quick post, as I am about to leave for Iguazu. The other day two friends and I journeyed to the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, or the National Museum of Fine Arts. I felt transported back to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, one of my favorite … Continue reading Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Be Back Soon, Patagonia

On our last day in El Chalten we got a bit lazy. We had planned to go on a shorter hike than the day before but ended up getting a later start than expected. Our day was still amazing though. We had noticed a creperie in town and figured we had to try it on … Continue reading Be Back Soon, Patagonia

How Fitz Roy Broke My Heart

This post will be heavy in photos and light in words. The reason being because there are few words to explain how beautiful this place is, and photos are only slightly more sufficient. On our second to last day in Patagonia, we woke up at 6 am to chase the sunrise. We got started later … Continue reading How Fitz Roy Broke My Heart

Why Did I Ever Leave El Chalten?

The drive to El Chalten should have only taken 2 hours. It took us 3. What did we do in that extra hour? Well we ogled at the landscape, ate lemon pie at 9:30 am, ran... no, sprinted after herds of sheep, and played with puppies. All perfectly legitimate reasons for arriving to El Chalten … Continue reading Why Did I Ever Leave El Chalten?