Motoring in Positano

Every time I visit Europe, I swear I'm going to "accidentally" get lost in small town and never go back to the US. And every time, I fail. Maybe next time? Our long-overdue family vacation was set along the Amalfi coast with its wisteria jungles and spaghetti-thin streets. We made many Italian friends. Mostly of the … Continue reading Motoring in Positano


Summer Days at Home

My teenage-self did not have the appreciation for my hometown that I now have as an adult. As I get older, I find myself away from home for longer periods of time. When I am home, I am reminded of my childhood escapades in c0-founding the neighborhood lemonade stand (and subsequently arguing over how to distribute the earnings … Continue reading Summer Days at Home

Where I Eat in Buenos Aires

I left Buenos Aires almost three months ago, but I still find myself dreaming about its food. Buenos Aires. Home to the tango, spectacular wine, exhaustingly fun night life, and cuisine that keeps you drooling even three months later. Here are some of my favorite places to grab a bocado. Numero Uno: La Fabrica de Tacos … Continue reading Where I Eat in Buenos Aires

Feria MASTICAR 2015

“Shop till you pop” was my motto on Sunday. I spent about half of my day wandering and stuffing my face in the Feria MASTICAR. Masticar literally means, “to chew” and I certainly chewed my way through the fair. This was the fair’s second year in Buenos Aires and last year there were over 110,000 … Continue reading Feria MASTICAR 2015

Why Did I Ever Leave El Chalten?

The drive to El Chalten should have only taken 2 hours. It took us 3. What did we do in that extra hour? Well we ogled at the landscape, ate lemon pie at 9:30 am, ran... no, sprinted after herds of sheep, and played with puppies. All perfectly legitimate reasons for arriving to El Chalten … Continue reading Why Did I Ever Leave El Chalten?

Copley Square Farmers Market

I wandered across a beautiful farmers market the other day. While shopping for halloween costume supplies, I found myself in front of the Boston Public Library, drifting through stalls full of pumpkins, tomatoes,loaves of bread, homemade pastas and pasta sauces, enormous cookies, bright flowers, and loads of other locally grown or made products. I don't make … Continue reading Copley Square Farmers Market

Wellfleet Oysterfest

Yesterday I ate my weight in oysters. Maybe not literally, but it sure felt like it from the monster tummy ache I suffered from afterward. The Wellfleet Oysterfest, held in Wellfleet (surprise surprise), Massachusetts is a delicious event organized by SPAT (Wellfleet Shellfish Promotion and Tasting) and draws around 25,000 oyster-fanatics every year. Aly and … Continue reading Wellfleet Oysterfest

Another Autumn Weekend

Every single one of my posts has been fall-themed and for that I apologize. I guess I have been conditioned to be obsessed with fall. When you grow up in an area that lives for this season to the point where it is basically overrun with tourists in the autumn months, its hard not to become at … Continue reading Another Autumn Weekend

Feeding My Sushi Addiction

I am a self-diagnosed sushi addict and proud of it.  Ever since my cousins, who used to live in Singapore, introduced me to it around 8 years of age, I have not been able to eat enough of it. I mean that. I’m saddened by the fact that I can’t eat sushi for every meal … Continue reading Feeding My Sushi Addiction