Every time I visit Europe, I swear I’m going to “accidentally” get lost in small town and never go back to the US.

And every time, I fail. Maybe next time?

Our long-overdue family vacation was set along the Amalfi coast with its wisteria jungles and spaghetti-thin streets.

We made many Italian friends. Mostly of the fur-covered variety…

We ate at least eight meals per day.

Positano, by a vote of 4-0, was our favorite destination and we all swore we’d spend the entire week there next time we travel to Italy.

We had grown somewhat tired and entirely terrified of driving on the narrow, Amalfi cliff roads and instead took our chances with a small, rented motorboat. You could say this was the best decision ever, but it was actually the best decision ever.

We all concluded that Amalfi was better viewed from the water, where there were no crowds, no noise, and no cars squeezing by on narrow streets.

After two hours, we reluctantly motored back to Positano, bid the beautiful cliff-town farewell, hiked back to our car, and drove the narrow streets back our hotel in Vico Equense.

At least we were met with this upon our arrival:

More Italian adventures to come! Stay tuned!



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