My teenage-self did not have the appreciation for my hometown that I now have as an adult.

As I get older, I find myself away from home for longer periods of time. When I am home, I am reminded of my childhood escapades in c0-founding the neighborhood lemonade stand (and subsequently arguing over how to distribute the earnings amongst the two sets of sisters running it), pet sitting for neighbors, kayak-sledding down the hill behind my house, mud-trekking through my neighbor’s backyard, and running to the library once a week to take out a new fantasy novel. The more I am away from home, the more I can appreciate it when I come back.


This Saturday, my hometown hosted A Summer Day, and more childhood memories came back to me. My mom and I toured the town Historical Society, where, ten winters ago, our late dog, Shelly, found herself locked in the basement for three days. We had never lost a pet before, so it was a traumatizing experience for the whole family. As we walked down the stairs to the basement, we saw teeth marks still on the stairway door, from where our dog had tried to chew her way out; an eerie reminder of a not so fond childhood memory.

The Summer Day featured far happier things though, such as the local military band, blueberry buckles (blueberry crisp, vanilla ice cream, blueberry syrup, and lemonade to wash down all that BLUE), local crafts, and several cute pups. Here are some of my favorite details from the day.



Meet my new friend, Nina. She’s from Aruba, likes blueberries, and hates my dog.


The light in the Historical Society was beautiful.




Eventually it was time to return home to our attention-desperate pups. They’ll do anything for a treat, except wait patiently…

Treat for me?! Gosh I love you!
So where’s that treat at? I’ve been waiting here two whole seconds. I have places to be lady.
Alright mom, this isn’t funny anymore. What kind of person makes a dog wait 4 damn seconds for a treat? Hand it over you monster…

Meanwhile, Killer Kyla was hiding from the camera inside.


Stay tuned for more blueberry-related posts in the next few days as National Blueberry Month comes to a close.



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