I skied every single day this winter.


Teaching skiing in Park City, I had access to the best skiing the country on a daily basis. Not only was the whole experience ludicrously fun, but I also learned about the more technical aspects of the sport, which transformed my own skiing. Conclusion: it was an awesome winter.

I felt bad for neglecting my camera for almost half a year, so to make up for it I put it to use on my road trip home to Massachusetts. After weeks of unpacking, returning to my summer job, and getting re-situated at home, I have finally gotten around to editing those photos.

Let’s dive right in!


Stop #1: Moab, UT

My stay in Moab was a combination of meeting up with new friends and visiting old friends. Along with my new puppy, Kyla (short of Kyla Ren), I explored several hikes in the area.

The first was a short hike to a watering hole on my second day in town. We climbed up some rocks, briefly met some other dogs, and sort of got Kyla to overcome her fear of water. Then, Killer Kyla admired her kingdom from above.


The following day we met up with one of my new friends from work in Park City and hiked the highly recommended Hidden Valley trail. All of our expectations were met and once again, Killer Kyla reigned supreme over the land.


The next two days were spent exploring every nook and cranny we could reach in Arches National Park, sadly without Killer Kyla.


Stop #2: Durango, CO

While Durango was one of the most beautiful and exciting stops on my trip, I could not seem to tear myself away from the adventures long enough to grab my camera. Maybe next time!

Stop #3: Fort Collins, CO

Killer Kyla experienced her first camping trip in Fort Collins! She seemed at home in the tent and actually refused to come out after a certain point. However, once again, no photos. Sorry!

Stop #4: Rapid City, SD

Passing through South Dakota, Killer Kyla and I said hi to some rocking dudes (I only say “rocking” for the sake of the pun…). Of course, Kyla was too cheap to chip in for parking so we had to settle for driving by.


Stop #5: Sioux Falls, SD

Again, no photos, because we got in late and left early.

Stop #6: Saint Paul, MN

Here, Kyla and I picked up a third passenger that we found hitch hiking along the highway. Just kidding! We picked up a friend from school and spent a few days exploring the area and walking to the Mississippi River. Sorry, no photos again. I know, it makes me sad too.

Stop #7: Chitown, IL

This was my second time in Chicago, but my first time getting to actually see some of the city. My takeaway? Chicago will be my home some day.

We played tourist for an hour (because once again, Kyla was too cheap to help out with parking), staring hypnotically into the Bean, aka Cloud Gate.


Stop #8: Oberlin, OH

We stopped off in Oberlin for one night to visit another friend in college there. We arrived just in time for a community pig roast, where Kyla got more attention than she could handle and the humans ate more food than they could handle.


Killer Kyla and I could not be happier to be home.

Stay tuned for more posts soon!








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