My favorite thing about Colonia were the doors.

I have written a post about doors in Boston before, so if you have read that, you know I like doors, for some strange reason. I really can´t explain it.

But maybe after reading this post you´ll see why.

Some are colorful, some are ornate, some are small, some are glass, most are wood. There really are no two alike in Colonia. But what makes some of the doors truly unique are the magenta or purple or bright pink flowers that flank them.



Sometimes the flowers are replaced by giant, noble shrubs.

wpid-dsc_0208.jpgThe house above is a Spanish house. Colonia was originally founded by the Portuguese but hopped between Spanish and Portuguese rule for a few centuries. You can see this as you walk the streets, as houses jump between Spanish and Portuguese styles every other house.

wpid-dsc_0266.jpgThis is one of my favorite facades in Colonia. Just simple with delicate flowers and shrubs.

Many of the doors and windows are very simple, often with a solid color against a white wall.



Then there are the really old ones.


But you can find doors from every era it seems.




The buildings alone are simple, quiet, and beautiful.




If you like old, don´t forget to check out the cars. The thing is, these weren´t even all of the photos of cars I took or even all the old cars I saw! If I had tried to capture them all I never would have seen the city through anything other than a camera lens.




Many are colorful, like the following one.

wpid-2015-05-10_17.00.02.jpgBut most are VW Bugs. Mom did yours look a little like any of these?





Ready for my favorite of the bunch?

wpid-dsc_0282.jpgOne restaurant even had broken down, old cars parked outside with the car seats replaced by chairs and a table. However, it would definitely be an uncomfortable meal for someone of my height.

Next, let me introduce you to my new pets.

This here is ¨random cat in a window.¨


This is ¨random cat in a window 2.¨



This is ¨dog that chased said cats in windows.¨


And this is ¨dog that chased said cats in windows¨ sleeping with ¨dog that also chased said cats in windows.¨


Unfortunately I am missing a photo of Paco, our most loyal Colonia dog, because he would just never sit still. Constantly running off to chase motorcycles, cats, and other dogs. People on bikes and motorcycles would flash us disapproving looks as ¨our¨ dogs chased and nipped at their heels, thinking that they were actually ours. Having our own dog pack was worth the disappriving looks though.

And so concludes my amazing day in Colonia, Uruguay. If you´re ever in or around Buenos Aires or in Uruguay, make the day trip to Colonia. It is well worth the trip and offers a little relaxation from the hustle and bustle of the city.



More photos and stories to come about my time in Buenos Aires.










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