Motoring in Positano

Every time I visit Europe, I swear I'm going to "accidentally" get lost in small town and never go back to the US. And every time, I fail. Maybe next time? Our long-overdue family vacation was set along the Amalfi coast with its wisteria jungles and spaghetti-thin streets. We made many Italian friends. Mostly of the … Continue reading Motoring in Positano


Summer Days at Home

My teenage-self did not have the appreciation for my hometown that I now have as an adult. As I get older, I find myself away from home for longer periods of time. When I am home, I am reminded of my childhood escapades in c0-founding the neighborhood lemonade stand (and subsequently arguing over how to distribute the earnings … Continue reading Summer Days at Home

Bonnaroo 2016

Have you ever received a high-five from a stranger under the Bonnaroo arch in the middle of sweltering hot Tennessee? It's pretty special. A Bonnaroo weekend is made up of little, albeit spectacular moments like this. I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to experience these moments up close. Part of me sometimes questions … Continue reading Bonnaroo 2016

On the Road with Killer Kyla

I skied every single day this winter. Literally. Teaching skiing in Park City, I had access to the best skiing the country on a daily basis. Not only was the whole experience ludicrously fun, but I also learned about the more technical aspects of the sport, which transformed my own skiing. Conclusion: it was an awesome winter. I … Continue reading On the Road with Killer Kyla

Marches and Mountains in Chile

Chile will always hold a very special place in my heart. When I was in eighth grade my family lived in a very small town just south of Santiago, called Tomé. We lived in a tiny house with four other American families and explored all corners of the country (and a bit of Argentina). I was … Continue reading Marches and Mountains in Chile

Where I Eat in Buenos Aires

I left Buenos Aires almost three months ago, but I still find myself dreaming about its food. Buenos Aires. Home to the tango, spectacular wine, exhaustingly fun night life, and cuisine that keeps you drooling even three months later. Here are some of my favorite places to grab a bocado. Numero Uno: La Fabrica de Tacos … Continue reading Where I Eat in Buenos Aires

Back to Bloggin’

It has been a RIDICULOUS amount of time since my last blog post. It has only hit me that I'm home in the past few weeks. Yes I have been home for almost three months. But only lately has it really felt like it. I was in a bit of a daze for the past … Continue reading Back to Bloggin’


The museums in Buenos Aires give me anxiety. Interactive, performance art seems to be all the rave here. At the MALBA (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires), there were a series of performance pieces that interacted with guests to varying degrees. From a revolving door made of a line of people marching, dancing, and … Continue reading MAMBA

Uruguay Vacation

Have you ever ridden a single-car, rusty, two-manned ferry across a 300-foot wide marsh? As of last week, I have. I spent 6 days exploring the coasts of Punta del Este, Punta Ballena, Punta del Diablo, Jose Ignacio, and more. It was exactly what I and the rest of our group needed as final exams … Continue reading Uruguay Vacation

The Things I Love About Buenos Aires

I am approaching the 1-month-until-I-am-home mark. My last two months here have been (and I assume will continue to be) very up and down. Ranging from having my phone and laptop stolen (including many of my photos and all of my music) to exploring the stunningly beautiful town of Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay. I am … Continue reading The Things I Love About Buenos Aires